Bonnie Brunish

A brief, illustrated biography

My childhood was filled with dreams of other worlds.
I liked to imagine that Saturn was my true home.
my spaceship
I started high school (gymnasium) in Copenhagen.
As a teen, I worked on my grandfather's ranch. I milked cows.
I trained my own horse on the ranch.
I finished high school in Beverly Hills.
I started writing about the empire in college. My first story was about the hero Foske's attempt to overthrow Emperor Xublian with the help of Riemis Whorl. I recorded a friend reading excerpts.
I started college planning to major in math or physics.
goofing around at college
after fishing
After a disagreement with my advisor about combining math and literature in story-generating computer programs, I dropped out and moved to New York City, where I subsisted catching fish.
I returned to Beverly Hills for a while to run an art gallery.
Samaurai painting
I did paintings on commission.
I worked at a number of jobs, the last of them as a COBOL programmer.
on the job
me and kids
I quit working to spend time with my kids.
In the 80's, I got an IBM XT Computer and started to program games as well as story-generating programs.
Solar System game
Scientific American
A descendant of the story-generating programs I'd been working on since college appeared in the Computer Recreations column of Scientific American.
After my kids started middle school, I worked as an artist decorating furniture in a children's store. With the kids in college, I took over the store and called it Bonniebug.
the store
My brother and I made a CD of songs of the Galactic Empire.
When my five year lease was up, I closed the store and celebrated by visiting Japan with my daughter.
Great Barrier Reef
After a quick course in scuba, my daughter and I visited Australia.
When I turned sixty, I took up road racing.

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