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When he first sets foot on Piatlo's space station, Sarl is close to bursting with plans for solving the planet's economic problems and creating the foundation for the galactic empire.

But nothing goes as planned. Barie, who first loved him, then rejected him, refuses to see the wonders of his new technology.

Then her ship is grabbed by a timeweaving space spider, and he puts imperial dreams aside to search through time and space for the woman he once loved.

Events span a period from 100,000 years before the empire to Imperial Year 105,582.


When her home village is burned and its people slaughtered, Morning Glory sets out to find her brother Thermeon, the only family she has left.

Along the way she discovers many secrets, and the most glorious of them is the splinter of a soul-gem, treasured by the galactic empire she has not yet encountered.

Then the man she has been raised to worshop as a god claims the splinter along with Morning Glory and her brother. They are his possessions, and there is no escape from the roles he has determined for them. How can Morning Glory defeat this seemingly all-powerful being?

The story takes place during Imperial Years 99,568 to 99,588.


Raised as a slave, Puflet treasures freedom more than anything else.

With the help of a monstrous entity that infiltrates her mind during the struggle, Puflet fights her way to freedom and travels to the Mindsea Academy of Ulona, a glittering citadel of the empire's most reality-penetrating studies. There she hopes to find guidance in controlling her new-found powers.

Instead, she is met by enemies and fresh threats to her freedom. She must fight these threats, though she suspects that love, and not battle, is the one thing that will tame her monster.

The action takes place during Imperial Years 104,297 to 104,805.


Mana has led a happy and quiet life caring for the empire's legendary Torsa horses, but the sudden, tragic death of the empress brings an end to her carefree existence.

The glowworm plague and the razing of the capital are only the forerunners of a long-foreseen disaster that threatens the very existence of the empire. The eyes of the galaxy are fixed on the racetrack, where the next emperor or empress will be chosen through a series of dangerous multiverse horse races, and Mana suddenly finds herself elevated from obscurity as the newsers' hyped-up "Chosen One," the one who can avert catastrophe.

It's all just a misunderstanding, of course. There's no way an ordinary person like Mana can prevail against cruel and violent mindseas who will stop at nothing to reach the throne. But she has to try.

Time period: Hundred Seventh Millennium.


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Novels of the Mindsea Empire Coming in the Future

The son of the empire's founder and the queen of Lal, Aturon has his future set out for him. One day he will follow in his father's footsteps as emperor of the galaxy.

Except that Aturon has other plans. His passion lies not in the wielding of political power, but in deepest contact with the universe, exploring its hidden spaces and seeking to know its boundaries.

Can he escape the precise and intricate machinery his father has built up around him to follow his dream?

Time period: Fifth Millennium.


Quazi can access millions of years of ancestral memories, but nothing prepares her for the marvelous chaos of the galactic empire ruled by Imperial Major Vedanu, the woman who restored her to life. Vedanu wants to tap Quazi's memories of primal struggles to spread excitement and danger throughout the galaxy, excitement that she feels has been bred out of their too-civilized existence. To Quazi, her plans are meaningless and cruel.

Quazi seeks to understand who and what she is as she struggles against Vedanu's control. She fears that beneath all the glitter of galactic society lurks a Great Nothingness, yet she hopes despite the fleeting nature of reality to still find a way to redeem herself.

Time period: Seventy-seventh Millennium.


Entire cities have disappeared, thrown loose from their place and time, and who but the mindsea-emperor could be responsible?

Brodan would rather devote his life to music, but if no one else will stop the erosion of civilization, then he must act. As he gathers friends for an attempt to overthrow the tyrant, a mysterious stranger appears with an offer of help.

They set out for the planet Ryor, where the latest disaster has occurred, but Brodan wonders whether he can trust the stranger. Does betrayal await him and his friends?

Time period: Ninety-sixth Millennium.


Fuerida has grown up with the stories of her mother's brave struggle against the empire's evil mastermind. Now, if the rumors are true, the evil has returned to the planet Amugro.

With no companion except her black stallion, Shadow, Fuerida sets out for Amugro to combat the ghost and the plague of berserk, silver-eyed animals he has unleashed.

Time period: Hundred First Millennium.


Fuerida is beside herself with worry. She has tried in vain to convince her uncle, Emperor Thermeon, to use trade to defuse hostility with a small neighboring empire ruled by an empress and their sacred Book of the Code.

Thermeon has decided instead to travel to the Code capital amid the full glory of his space armada and ask the empress to marry him. He is in love, and how can love be wrong?

Fuerida knows that the people of the Code will take his action as a deadly insult, for the Code they worship is the genetic code, and Thermeon is not fully human. To avert disaster, she resolves to travel alone and incognito to the Code capital, where she will reach out to the empress as one woman to another.

Time period: Hundred Second Millennium.


Rondo was created by the Six Sages of Mosalno as a copy of Kokkiro, the most perfect of all mindseas. From earliest childhood his six parents have prepared him for his destiny. He must overthrow mad Emperor Quintillion and end the depredations of the subhuman Nanders that Quintillion has unleashed on the galaxy.

Rondo cannot admit the truth to his parents, but he has no desire to fulfill this destiny. All he has ever wanted is to be accepted as a human being. Besides, he knows that he cannot compete with Quintillion on any level—not as a mindsea, not as a musician, and not as a lover.

Time period: Hundred Fourth Millennium.


Dino and Katora discover the lost planet Ulona and the wreckage of a civilization destroyed in a war with the empire's founder. Entranced by the lush, wild, and uninhabited vastness of Ulona, they settle down for what they think will be a sojourn in paradise.

But the long-dead mindsea of Ulona, lurking in the minds of the native dinosaur, recognizes Dino and Katora as foes, and he has other plans. He will use their genetic material to create a new race of humans and restore the once great Ulonan civilization.

Time period: Hundred Fifth Millennium.


The mindsea empire makes use of deep patternisitc levels of reality to compress spacetime and make travel between its planets practical. On the other hand, shallow patternistic levels expand spacetime, and so are the perfect means of creating storage space or accomodations for large numbers of visitors. But, just as deep-level construction becomes mythical in its near-permanence, shallow-level construction is ephemeral and delicate.

A group of tourists becomes trapped in the shallow-level tower of the imperial palace when the tower's anchor-point frays. The Deep is invigorating and energizing, but the Shallow enervates, sapping both the will and the ability to focus. How will Aspo and Fuerida and the six others trapped with them overcome these handicaps and locate the one stairwell that leads back to home level among an endless series of non-functional copies?

Time period: Hundred Fifth Millennium.


Spacetime engineers, celebrities, and politicians have gathered on the planet Medne to help former emperor Thermeon build an advanced new ship that will seek the center of space and time. When a series of mysterious murders threatens to derail the project, Inspector Sunfox is called in to solve the case.

Time period: Hundred Sixth Millennium.


Shell never knew her father, who died before she was born. She was rejected by her mother, who tried unsuccessfully to have her terminated. Awkward and shy, with a mind that just won't run in the same channels as everyone else's, she feels lost and alone until she is given the chance for a new start as a Pilot Training School cadet.

The cadets are rowdy and competitive, and the training as deep-level pilots is rife with danger and mystery, yet Shell at last begins to feel at home.

Then a deep-level monster called the Aiggle attacks the empire's shipping lanes, and Shell and her fellow cadets are thrown into a confict far more sinister than their beloved mess hall tray wars.

Time period: Hundred Sixth Millennium.


Tara looks forward to her graduation. She expects assignment to a niche where she can spend the rest of her life pondering the deep questions of existence that have always concerned her.

Instead she is sent to a section of the job fair from which no one has ever returned. There she meets a man claiming to be the empire's founder, who tells her that she must prepare for a crisis called the "Wake" and sends her on a fact-finding mission into the past.

Time period: Hundred Tenth Millennium.


Pre-imperial Novels

Long before the Mindsea Empire was founded, deep-level life flourished on Mars. It was there that Kokkiro, King of Earth, built the Stairway of Ice that allowed humanity to colonize the galaxy. These tales come from the time of Kokkiro (known as Kokiro during his own day).

Available in paperback

Carolina hates her life in the dreary Martian colony of New America. When a stranger arrives in their midst, claiming to come from an alternate Mars with cities and canals, Carolina sees hope for better things. New America's leader, Lance, warns her that their visitor is evil and his tales fantasy, but Carolina is determined to escape Lance's oppressive rule, and she makes her plans.


United Earth quantum security is unbreakable. It is impossible for two people to swap cards.

What if the impossible happens?

What if one of the cards belongs to the leader of Earth?

All Arnie wants is to get away from his boxlike hab and his mindless job, perhaps to find a girl more likable than his cynical ex-girlfriend.

Things look promising when he meets Nikki on his dream vacation in Swedish Lapland. But their ski tour goes terribly wrong when they become entangled in murder and intrigue.

Amid the confusion of identity swapping, Arnie is faced with the impossible task of protecting Nikki from threats both external and internal while preventing the takeover of Earth by department heads gone berserk.


Coming Soon

Inspired by Carolina's tales of Focus and by reading about King Arthur, Lance's little brother Ryan leaves New America to go on a quest with two mysterious Martian knights who may be kings in disguise.

Meanwhile, Lance has been pursuing his courtship of Carolina so forcefully that she too flees the colony to rejoin her beloved striped horse in Focus.

Lance follows her, while his parents set out to find Ryan, and all of them find themselves swept up in the knights' quest for the Stairway of Ice that leads to God.


When you know you're doomed, it's just a matter of whom you're taking down with you.

Waldophus, King of Zannow, the most northerly settlement in Focus Mars, has long been engaged in a struggle with his barbaric, ax- and axiom-loving neighbors, the Exioxans. Led by the flamboyant Lleellaatt, the Exioxans are intent upon destroying Waldophus's windmills, those generators of irrationality, and taming the will of the winds to serve the Exioxan Hypothesis, their Theory of Everything.

Waldophus's strength and ingenuity have kept the foe at bay for many a year, but as his own knights turn against him, the end of their way of life—and perhaps of Focus Mars itself—swiftly approaches.